- Our Mission -

To create and provide the very best physical memory item.

At SkysAbove, we are a family owned and operated business in Illinois, USA. We're proud that you have chosen us to make your special moment immortalized in art. SkysAbove is owned by a currently serving US Navy Sailor, and a retired Airman and Police Officer. We dedicate ourselves to the betterment of society and the greater good. We take huge pride in our work and are humbled that you have chosen us with your order. You aren't "just" another customer, or an order number, no, you're the most important factor in our wheelhouse. 

Each one of us has had a special moment in time. Either with a special someone or by themselves. Our constellation star maps are a dedication to that moment in time. Regardless if it's day or night, the stars are above us in their infinite beauty.

We use API technology to link into the Space Agency's historical records and Google, to allow you and us to custom design a star constellation map. Entering specific details like the location, time, date of your moment, our system allows you to see and print the very stars and constellations that were above your very head looking down on you.

Whether it was the very place of your engagement to your betrothed, the birth of a child, or any moment in your history, we can provide you with something truly unique and special.

We don't drop ship or outsource or work. Everything is handled in-house here in Illinois. This allows us to control everything from start to finish. Each print we produce is made on Fine Art paper with archival pigment inks. This combination means that your print is guaranteed from fading or distortion for 100+ years (200+ with just black ink). We take pride in every order we are entrusted with. 

We look forward to working for you, and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or praise, please, make them known. We will do everything we can to make things right when we're wrong, and even more proud when we hear your feedback.

Levi & Cody