Early Autumn Holidays, Special Days And Observances

     Autumn is finally upon us. The kids are back in school, our days are getting back to normal and it is getting darker earlier and earlier every day. Everything is becoming pumpkin spiced and women everywhere are dusting off their fall wardrobes and saying goodbye to their capris as they

Fall Leaves

It seems that as soon as Labor Day is over, no matter what the weather, we begin preparing for autumn and everything it brings along with it. But autumn isn’t all cold weather, colorful leaves and pumpkin spice, early autumn has some of the best holidays, special days and observances of the entire year. Did you know that September is Classical Music Month or that it includes Fall Astronomy Week? Want to learn more? Keep reading as we share some of our favorites with you and help you plan your autumn calendar right!

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Early Autumn Holidays, Special Days And Observances

Let’s take a look at some very important, and some not so important Holidays, Special Days And Observances from this September and early October:

September 2

Labor Day First Monday of month


September 6

Fight Procrastination Day (or put off celebrating this day on the 7th.)

September 7

World Beard Day (for both men and women)

September 8

International Literacy Day

National Ampersand Day

September 9

Teddy Bear Day

September 13

Chinese Moon Festival

September 14

International Crab Fest Day

September 15

National Women's Friendship Day

Wife Appreciation Day (guys, don’t forget to get her an extra special gift)

September 16

Mexican Independence Day

Working Parents Day

September 19

International Talk Like A Pirate Day (aarr!)

September 21

International Peace Day

Oktoberfest  begins in Germany

World Gratitude Day

September 22

Business Women's’ Day

Hobbit Day

September 23

Autumn Equinox - Fall begins!

September 29

Confucius Day

Rosh Hashanah (begins at sundown)

October 1

International Coffee Day

World Vegetarian Day

October 4

National Golf Day

World Smile Day

October 5

World Teacher's Day

October 6

Oktoberfest in Germany ends

October 8

Yom Kippur

October 13

International Skeptics Day

Sukkot, at sundown

October 16

Bosses Day

Dictionary Day

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